2019: New Board, New Retreat!

Every year in January or December, most Democratic Clubs hold internal elections to decide who will do what within their Board.

Our Bylaws stipulate that there are 5 core Officers, who will now be:

  • President – Rachelanne “Rae” Vander Werf
  • Vice President – Chase Kelly-Reif
  • Political Director – David Hildebrand
  • Secretary – Timothy Irvine
  • Treasurer – Perry Metzger

At our first General Member Meeting in January, we were honored by the presence of two elected officials.

Natomas Unified School District Member Susan Heredia and Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) Member Orlando Fuentes did the honors of swearing in the new board.

The following weekend, we took two days to put our heads together and flesh out our Annual Calendar of Events and goals for individual officers and the club.

Lack of internet or phone service made this retreat to a snowy cabin especially productive!

Environmental Democrats

Enviro Dems Logo v2

We have officially changed our name to the Sacramento Environmental Democrats.

For short, instead of “Green Dems”, call us the Sac Enviro Dems!

We feel that this name change reflects a focus on deeper political, social, and economic issues that include not only just the natural environment, but also housing, race, and gender/sexuality.

Sac Enviro Dems remain an all-volunteer, all-action group committed to keeping our world alive, green, equal, healthy, and honest. We will be leading change on national and regional environmental issues throughout all of Sacramento County – not just the city – by participating in Democratic-focused political action and discussions on sustainability, social justice, and ecological conservation.

Our new email address is: EnviroDemsSac@GMail.com.

We still meet the fourth Thursday of each month – see you there!